Registration will open about one month before the event and after the agenda is finalized

What you get for X?

We are limited in capacity and unfortunately we will not be able to accomodate for everyone. So once we open the registration, if you registed and reserved a spot, then great. If not, and you find yourself on the waiting list then the following rules for ticketing apply:

  • Submitters get a personal ticket. So if you submit (a quality submission), regardless of whether you got accepted, you secure your place.
  • Accepted speakers get a personal ticket +1, for a friend
  • Moderators get a ticket + 2. They do an awesome job, and this is a way to thank them
  • Sponsors get 5 tickets. Without them the event would not have happened
  • Speakers of previous rs13 get a ticket. Because you did an awesome job.
We will also record all sessions and make them available past the event.

Venue: Google Campus TLV

This year, like last year, we are hosted by the spacious Google Campus TLV.

Register to Google's Campus TLV web site

Google requests all guests to be registered to its website. So please register here (you will also need to register to the event itself on

Getting There


The building is called Electra Building and it looks like this, to the right

Walking from the train station is about 12 minutes and 900 meters (see map)


We're sorry, but we cannot provide free parking. There's plenty of public transportation and it's pretty close to Azrieli Center so you could either take the train and walk or even park in Azrieli and walk. There's some limited street parking and parking lots for early birds but they all cost money. There is also parking for the guests of Electra building on HaSolelim st, but it's pricy

How to enter the buliding

As you enter the reception at the ground floor, let them know you're headed to Google (no need to mention the conference - they won't know about it). They will provide you with an entry magnetic card, so keep it. They might also ask you to hand an ID card (although the folks from google tells us that for google they don't require IDs). Then head over to floor 26th.