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Mobile TDD and CI

Mobile (IOS & android) TDD and CI.
Is there such a thing?
How do you do it? Any best practices?

Thinking like a team

How do you motivate team members to collaborate? To motivate each other? How do you make each task in the backlog become the entire team's responsibility? How do you create the feeling that the team either wins or loses together and must work together for achieving the same goal?

I would like to hear your success story about how you helped make your team the dream-team. I would love to hear the story from management eyes, and even better - from a non-manager team member.

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Scrum Best Practices

We've adopted Scrum for a year now, and I still think we're a long way from using it in top notch form. I'd like an open discussion the way Scrum is used in your company - the good and bads - maybe we'll devise a Best Practices list in this session and publish it for others to benefit.

Netty IO

Learn how to write kick-ass performance, asynchronous event-driven network application

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Moving fast inside a big company

How do you keep moving lean inside a big company? lessons learned / panel / case study

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Developer Laptop Setup

How long does it take for new devs in your company to set up a working environment and start getting productive?
Are there "setup experts" in your company that wonder from one dev to another, helping them set up their laptop?
Do you have a declarative way of defining what should a developer laptop contain? (Ruby version, JVM version, nginx configuration, which databases etc).
Boxen (http://boxen.github.com/) is one such solution. I'm interested in hearing about how you solve this problem in your organization.
This could be an ignite talk.

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Java 8 Lambdas, why should I care?

Java 8 is around the corner and it (finally) introduces Lambda expressions(a.k.a closures) to the Java language. Why should I care?
Well, if you want to write cleaner code, reduce anonymous classes clutter, and start thinking seriously about parallelism you should care, at least a little bit .....

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Building culture for growth

Starting a company is one thing, building company for growth and scale is a different thing. What are the cultural pillars you need to put in place to enable growth for your company.

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DevOps in practice

How do you run devops culture in your companies? Lets maybe gather few actual speakers from few companies and have them speak of the devops aspects in their companies.

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Multi-platform Mobile Development

Summary of current multi-platform solutions for developing on mobile platforms (i.e. xamarin, phonegap, titanium, etc), with advantages and disadvantages for each solution.

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Introduction to classification

Basic concepts in statistical classification and applications to real life problems (speech recognition, natural language processing, image classification, search engines...)

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The needs of a scalable web service (as I see it)

A good, scalable and cost effective web service now-a-days can be easily built with the right kind of building blocks. We will talk about some of those building blocks taking into account not only architecture, resilience, etc but also cost!

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To Spot or Not

(re)architecting your application to handle failure while paying up to 10x less for your AWS instances.
Overview on spot instances, what you need to make them work and strategies for spotting.

Hardware Hacking

Raspberry Pi, AR Drones and Arduinos all come to mind as a recent real-moving-things that allows easier interfacing nowadays from various programming languages. Would be nice to see a live demo with an introduction on How and Why.

Search and Recommend systems

Search and Recommend system 101. How do they work? What are the challenges? How do you add quality search and recommendations to your apps / which open source would you use? (would be happy to give such a talk).

Message passing and Queues

Overview of queues / message passing options (zero mq, active mq, rabbitmq, kafka etc), pros and cons, guidelines when to use each

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Deployment orchestration at high scale

Deploying multiple services at multiple locations, frontend, backend, data store scheme.
Making it fast and reliable while keeping user facing services up.
What tools do you use and how, who is in charge of this process in your company

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Reactive programming

Few months ago a reactive manifesto was published: http://www.reactivemanifesto.org/
It would be interesting to hear about real world commercial product that adopts the reactive programming.

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Debugging and problem solving

I'd like to have a session about training people to debug and solve problems. I have seen smart people fail to debug problems simply because they have reached the first thing they did not expect and stopped digging there. Having seen this happen, I have realized we do not teach people how to debug or solve problems. I'd like to hear about how to debug and solve software problems, and how to make our developers more keen on finding the root cause of problems.

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Developer Productivity

What makes one developer more productive then the next? How can an organization enable developers to be more productive? Is productivity something people can learn, or is it an inert property of a person?

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Scaling R&D

When we start a company with 1-5 people in R&D, everything works fine. However, as we grow, adding more people, new people start slowing down the organization, creating divisions that translate to integration and cross team developments. I'd like to hear about scaling an R&D organization from a small team to large companies size (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn size). How to organize the teams? How to organize people? How to assimilate new people while keeping the small company feel?

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Cutting edge web

Newest web features implemented in the browsers and features that will be ready soon

Role of an architect

I am interested to hear from other people experience on the role of an architect. What is the border between a team member and an architect? Do we always need it or it depends on the group (size, experience, integration with other groups, development methodology, ..). What works well for other people?

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JVM micro web frameworks

There is no need to introduce Sinatra to Ruby developer. But what is the situation in a JVM landscape? There are Scala based Scalatra and Spray, for example. There are Java based: Spark and Ratpack, both have Groovy DSL on top of them. Also, when is it appropriate to use a micro framework instead a big one: Spring MVC, Grails, Play etc.?

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Open Stack

What is it and how it got started. Is it ready for actual use? What are it's strengths and weaknesses comparing to competition.

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New Technologies adoption at Enterprises and Startups

In an age of new technologies boom, choosing which to adopt and when can be a leading edge or an achilles heel.
How should your company decide which new library, methodology or language to adopt?
How do current successful companies act?

Applications and performance

How do it from the beginning

A To Do Mobile web app with Angular

Step by step hands on session that will result in a working, cross platform todo mobile web app. With Angular.js

Multiple MicroJS or framework

Designing a new web product with awesome performance, which will be better? bunch of MicroJSs or full featured framework (jquery, angular, ember)

Ops 101 for Developers

So you're building this start up. Cool. And you are an OK developer.
But you want to have a decent working system.
This means logs, and deployments, and AWS and Chef and monitoring and a dozen other different buzzwords.
I want a crash course - what are the four most important ingredients of a working software installation?
This should be Pareto-optimized - are there 20% effort yielding 80% of the gain?

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Functional Programming

When, Why and How to use functional languages.

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Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)

When and Why to use AOP.
Examples of uses of AOP in different programming languages.
The different approaches in AOP (compile time VS runtime).

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Ecmascript v6

Understanding what is Ecmascript, what is the difference between it and Javascript, and what is new in the world of Ecmascript 6, and why does Ecmascript 7 developed in parallel.

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The basics of WebRTC

WebRTC is a new standard for the web, that allow to control audio and video using SDP and RTP.
Information and explanation of what it is SDP, what is RTP, who support it, and what else is needed.
Also including how to actually use it.

Single page applications

Understanding the pro and cons of single page applications
When to use them, and when you should not.
Should you pre-serve them, or only by request ?
What are the pro and cons of each framework (amber vs angular...)

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best development environment

what are the recomended development environment for each task (UI, server etc)?

CoffeeScript tips&tricks

as the title suggests - tips, tricks and hidden features to become a coffeescript power user.

BSD's the long lost Linux brother

Netflix, Verysign and almost any ISP are running BSD's, with a wide range of choices from Freebsd to Openbsd and Netbsd

A talk that will cover some of the interesting features/tools like: ZFS, Jails, pkgng, pf, bhyve

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Containers demystified

Linux containers attract a lot of attention lately, a talk about lmctfy vs openvz vs lxc, how they differ from the traditional chroot.

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Logic programming (maybe core.logic)

When its applicable, what are some modern implementation, actual systems implemented using it

Introduction to the Rust programming language

Rust (http://www.rust-lang.org/) is an interesting emerging language from Mozilla. In some ways similar to C++ or Go. What makes this language special? When is its use appropriate etc. Might be a lightning (5m) talk.

Lightweight analytics and visualization

What do people use to create interactive charts / graphs / tables?
What do they have for visualizing big data?

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PaaS in your org

Has anyone deployed a PaaS in their organization?
What did they use to build it?
How do they operate it?

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Stream processing operations

We've heard of how great storm is (anyone using Samza already?) but what about its operational aspects?
How do you deploy topologies, how do you monitor them?

The new CM tools on the block

An intro to Ansible, SaltStack and how they compare to the veterans Chef and Puppet

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Bootstrap 3.0

what's new in Bootstrap, why you should upgrade, what are the other competing frameworks you should consider.

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Intro to Riemann

Riemann is a cool new monitoring tool that aggregates events from your servers and applications with a powerful stream processing language and allows you to process them and take actions such as sending emails, pushing processed metrics to Graphite, etc.

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An overview about Docker, which is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more.

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Open Space

Some time for open-space discussion will be cool.

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A Meteor has fallen

An overview of meteor, what it's good for (and what not). Ideally a live coding session (less slides, more code)

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Docs as Marketing

Inspired by this video http://videos.writethedocs.org/video/11/docs-as-marketing-make-your-api-irresistible
Could be an Ignite Talk (5m speed talk)

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Functional Programming in JavaScript.

I'd like to hear about best practices for Functional Programming, in JavaScript.
Things like in the book JavaScript Allongé https://leanpub.com/javascript-allonge

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Programmers without borders

Similar to Doctors Without Borders...
Have you been to a mission to help out local or remote community as a developer?
Things like helping kids in Africa or Code for America or הסדנה לידע ציבורי, municipal projects, etc.
What did you do? How did you get to it, how was your experience?
This might be an Ignite Session (5m speed talk).

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API Usability

An API is the user interface for the programmer and it's usability is a unique factor in adoption or even correct usage.
I'd like to learn about your experience creating good APIs or the many ways you failed, creating bad APIs.

This could be about web APIs, as well as programming language level APIs, network APIs or actual programming language design. DSLs are also type of APIs but that might be of a larger scope.

Related video: http://blog.parse.com/2013/10/02/parse-developer-day-video-series-how-to-design-great-apis/

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Developer Retention

How do you keep the good guys in? What do you do that makes them want to continue work for/with you?

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