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Enjoy the videos, and see you next year...

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You can get a good sense of the topics we're interested in from last year's website Reversim Summit 2013

Apart from that, here's a good grocery list of topics just to give you ideas. We're interested in everything including software development, software product development, UX, startups mobile, web, devops, data processing, scaling and more. You should know - this is not a closed list, if your topic doesn't seem to fit here and is of general interest, we want it!

Unlike last year, we do not set out a closed list of tracks. This time we'd like to leave the topics (tracks) open and only after accepting the submissions we might devide up to tracks, but we will not rule out a single good talk just b/c it's not a natural fit to any predefined list, so don't worry so much about categorizing your submissions.

Full Featured talks

Full feature are frontal presentations b/w 30 - 50 minutes. They will be held in either the large room (200 ppl) or the small room (50 ppl) in two parallel sessions

Lightning Talks

Lightning are speedy 5 min talks. They will be presented in a series in which each presenter has exactly 20 slides, 15 sec per slide, slides are auto advanced and in total 5 min. No break b/w the sessions. It's fun, it's speedy, it's consice and it's breathtaking :-)

Open Space

Open space is a free form discussion in which folks gather around a tables or just in circles and discuss a topic of common interest. There's no need to submit anything before the conference, just think of topics that interest you and suggest them for voting at the conference itself. We will hold a few parallel tracks of open spaces in which each space will revolve around one chosen topic.

Open Source in Israel

We are especially interested in open source projects made in israel or created by Israelis. We will have a special stage for that.